ACHD Fellowship Program

The Toronto Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Program upholds the University of Toronto’s strong tradition of education. The institution carries an internationally recognized reputation of educating world leaders in medicine, and in congenital cardiology. Training opportunities here are limitless in their flexibility. Each fellowship is tailored in accordance with the learner’s specific goals, aiming to bolster pre-existing skill sets and develop those which will enrich one’s future cardiology practice. In addition to general inpatient and outpatient congenital cardiology, trainees have robust exposure to subspecialties such as cardio-obstetrics, coronary anomalies, aortopathy and connective tissue disorders and heart failure. ACHD Fellows will also conduct supervised, independent clinical research with a goal of one to two research publications in peer-reviewed journals over the course of their fellowship. 


The Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy Clinic runs several times weekly with fellows regularly assigned to attend. The clinic is held in conjunction with specialists in maternal-fetal medicine and exposes learners to a vast range of congenital and acquired cardiac pathologies affecting women who are or wish to become pregnant. The inpatient adult congenital service also provides consultation to the obstetrics department at Mount Sinai Hospital. 

Coronary Anomalies

A specialized clinic for patients with coronary anomalies and residual coronary involvement of Kawasaki Disease, Coronary Anomalies clinic is held, with fellows in attendance according to their interest. 


Learners have the opportunity to participate in the care of aortopathy patients in Marfan Clinic as well as the Toronto Aortopathy Clinic, each of which is held several times monthly in collaboration with physicians and counselors from the University Health Network’s Genetics service.

Pulmonary Hypertension

A collaboration between the Congenital Cardiac and Respirology services, this clinic caters to individuals with Eisenmenger syndrome and other forms of congenital heart disease associated with pulmonary vascular disease. Fellows in ACHD as well as Respirology attend, according to their interest.

Hearts & Minds

​​​​​T​he Dalglish Family 22q Clinic is the world’s first multidisciplinary clinic devoted to adults with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11.2DS) and their families. Congenital heart disease affects over 60% of this patient population. Fellows in ACHD attend clinic to address the cardiac needs of patients with this genetic syndrome.  Learn More 


Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Adult Congenital Heart Disease was approved as an area of focused competence (AFC-diploma) in May 2019. Information regarding the accreditation, credentialing and evaluation standards are available directly from the College.


Krysten Miller 

ACHD Program Coordinator

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre
Toronto Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
University Health Network
585 University Ave., 5N – 519

Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2N2

Telephone: 416-340-4871


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