Online Resources


  1. American College of Cardiology 
  2. Adult Congenital Heart Association
  3. Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network
  4. Canadian Cardiovascular Society
  5. Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance
  6. CHiP Network
  7. ESC Working Group on Adult Congenital Heart Disease
  8. Heart and Stroke Foundation
  9. Heart and Stroke Structural Heart Disease Council 
  10. Heart University
  11. International Society for Congenital Heart Disease


Mental Health Information Sheets

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety Disorders
  3. Stress Reduction
  4. Relaxation Techniques   Stress Reduction to Relieve Stress
  5. Helpful Hints for Better Sleep
  6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  7. Living with Health Problems
  8. Making the most of your life
  9. Relating to your illness
  10. Needle phobia in ACHD
  11. Breathlessness and anxiety in ACHD
  12. Coping after Endocarditis
  13. The Mind & Body Link
  14. Physical activity and your mental health

Learning further skills to cope with your mental health concerns:

  1. Online, therapist-guided psychotherapy: 
    1. Mind Beacon
    2. AbilitiCBT
    3. TeleCBT
  2. Self-guided modules and worksheets:
    1. Centre for Clinical Interventions
    2. BounceBack (1-866-345-0224)
    3. A Guide to Finding Self-help Resources for Depression and Anxiety

Finding additional help and support for your mental health:

  1. Crisis Services
  2. Substance Use and Addictions Resources
  3. A Guide to Finding Individual Therapy for Adults
  4. A Guide to Finding Mindfulness Programs
  5. A Guide to Finding Therapy for People Dealing with Trauma
  6. A Guide to Finding Walk-In Therapy or Over-the-Phone Crisis Counselling
  7. Mental Health and Addictions Community Support Resources
  8. Canadian Mental Health Association (416) 646-5557)
  9. ConnexOntario (1-866-531-2600)